Apple Store Madness

It is madness. All kinds of people, a cross section of America, from the toddlers to the elderly. There are devices everywhere, scattered like puzzle pieces in a summer cabin. People are all staring down as if they might find that missing edge piece that has mysteriously disappeared. Is the piece gone forever? Did this puzzle arrive flawed or is there hope? Then the download completes and voila! Success! The Genius Bar proves once again that devices are an animal that just needed to be tamed. They are the trainers and we are simply the owners. Occasionally, the animal needs to be put down which is always a sad realization. The sadness is quickly morphed into subtle euphoria as the vision of a brand new device dances in your head like a sugar plum. This is what money is for right? There is no prudence here. It’s my life, I care for it, it cares for me! I will get a new device now!

It takes a few days but the lack of prudence does take a psychological toll. The world we live in is expensive. I wonder why? 


When a child is guiding you, embrace it. Let them lead. I was recently engaged with my one year old nephew Andrew when he created a game from simple body movements. He would tuck his head in his mother’s shoulder disallowing him from being seeing all the adult onlookers. We were gone in an instant. Out of sight but still in mind as he knew, when he popped up, we would be there smiling and laughing. Peek-a-boo! Again, and again, and again, tucking, pausing, then popping his head up with a grin. Peek-a-boo! He was leading us in this joyful expression. Showing us that a simple maneuver can change everything. It brings us into the moment. It became a memorable moment that we all shared. We would have missed it otherwise. Thank you Andrew for teaching us that joy is present always and a simple peek-a-boo with a smile and a chuckle can bring it to light.

Pause and be mindful. Let the children lead as they are unencumbered and can teach us what it means to live in the moment. Share their awe and inspiration. We are better humans when we allow leadership to flourish. Go play!

Why ski?

Mountains were created by tectonic forces that are unfathomable to the human race. How could rocks be pressed together with such force that they crumble upward, high into the atmosphere. However, this is not the reason we are awe-inspired. The inspiration derives from the aesthetic. A place in time, spent on top of a peak, in the depths of winter. A barren land, difficult to survive in, yet so beautiful. The sense of what is to come, the wonder of the descent. The speed, the trees, the views, the taste of snow as it blows into the air, the frozen chunks that cling to your skin. This is why we ski.

Yet, that is just the foundation. The mountains draw us in, they seduce us. And then, you find yourself surrounded by other people sharing this wonderment. You draw your family close and expose them. They grow to appreciate if it doesn’t come instantaneously. It is a challenging environment so the brain might signal you to flee initially. It is the people that feel deeply for the mountains that are tasked to share them.

Amazingly, no matter how much time is spent overcoming the challenges the mountains set forth, there are more to come. A skier learning to stop for the first time has shown that gravity will not prevail. A skier taking what might be the 10,000th turn has learned that they have some control over the forces of nature. A modicum of control, but control none-the-less.

Is this a metaphor of life? drawn to the challenge, overcoming the forces of nature, focusing on one thing until it draws to an end. Are you finished when you are comfortable at the speed that gravity takes you or is this just one step in a lifetime of stairs.

How can I help everyday…

It is a conundrum.  We read about the damage our society has done to the environment everyday but what can I do?  We read about animal abuse and how a lot of that damage is due to industrialized agriculture but what can I do?  I don’t want to continue because the tone of this message will devolve.  The positive message is that we actually can help everyday.  With the combination of technology and devoted citizens, we can support healthy agriculture every day with increasing ease.  Our farmers travel to urban markets so go see them and buy their goods direct.  There are eCommerce platforms popping up that buy direct from the farmers and offer them financial support by paying sustainable prices.  Do what you can and our future generations will benefit.

Please reach out with questions.  Local markets, ways to get fresh produce and meat delivered, etc.  Providing this information is a way that I am trying to help everyday.

weston price

What is it that you want from life?

Experience? Memories? Health? Wealth? What is it that we want? Our culture teaches that with wealth comes happiness. Is this true? I listed the the first 3 on purpose. When you read them, they feel like they are answering the question. Although without wealth in there, how can you show that have a fulfilling life?

Let’s digress and think about experiences. If you take a child to the park and spend time one on one with them, does that count? Is that too mundane? Perhaps it is just not particularly memorable but it is still experience. And that child might go back to that moment or the similar moments throughout the rest of their life. It might end up being part of their narrative yet it seemed so normal at the time.

Get out and do things, even if it just a walk in the park.